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Sandwich Roof Panel


Roof Panel - Rockwool - 1000 mm

These panels, where the rockwool is used as insulation material, are especially preferred for buildings, where there is the requirement for high degree of fire safety, due to the resistance that they show against fire.

The roof panels, which are fire resistant composite system, provide large benefits for sound and heat insulation because of their insulation layer that has class A non-flammability characteristic.

Rockwool is sliced automatically and the fibers are turned perpendicular to the surface of the panel and hence the resistance of the panel against pressure is increased.

Each panel that has been sliced and turned, are placed as offset to one another in a way to avoid breakages.
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Technicial Specs
Building Physics Value for Rockwool Panel
Panel Thickness 40mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
U Values (w/m²K) 0,86 0,70 0,49 0,38
Fire Resistance F60 F60 F90 F140
Heat Conduction Coefficient is (λ): 0.040 W/Mk

Structural Values of the Panel
External Side Features 0.40 mm - 0.70 mm Galvanized Sheet Metal
Internal Side Features 0.40 mm - 0.70 mm Galvanized Sheet Metal
Paint Characteristics Polyester paint. (Polyethylene protective folio can be applied on the surfaces to protect the panels from damages that can take place during transport and assembly, if required.)
Paint Selection Colors in the RAL Catalogue
Useful Width 1000mm
Insulation Density (Rockwool) 90 - 100 kg/m³
Insulation Thicknesses 40 - 50 - 75 - 100 mm