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Metal Tile Roof


Metal Tile Roof

Metal tile, whose raw material is steel metal, can be used in all kinds of roofs; It is preferred to be environmentally friendly, recyclable and aesthetic.

Panel tiles can be used easily on 11-45 degree inclined roofs of all buildings from houses to industrial buildings.

It saves time and labor in assembly.

It is produced in desired sizes according to the order.

  • Durable; is resistant to all climatic conditions and has a long life. Does not crack, unbreakable, does not require maintenance.
  • Lightweight; saves time and transportation.
  • Guaranteed; Guaranteed for 30 years.
  • Economical; does not require under-tile waterproofing materials and wooden flooring, it saves material.
  • Aesthetics; gives buildings a beautiful appearance with its classic appearance and color options.
  • Practical; saves labor and time thanks to its easy assembly.
  • Profitable; your money stays in your pocket thanks to labor, material, time saving and maintenance-free for many years.
  • It is not affected by weather conditions and fire.
  • The carrier system does not load.
  • Does not crack, unbreakable and does not require maintenance.
  • It does not hold snow.
  • It is produced in the desired color and length.
  • It is economical and long-lasting.
  • No underlay board required.
  • Green
  • Tile
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Roof Ridge
  • Drip
  • Valley
  • Valley Corner Joint
  • Valley Gutter
  • Sheet Metal Features
  • Technicial Specs
Technicial Specs
The 1210 mm long metal tile has an effective area of 1100.
It is performed up to 8-9 pitches. (8 * 350)

Structural Values
Material Type Galvanized Sheet Metal
Sheet Thickness 0.40 mm - 0.70 mm Galvanized Sheet Metal
Weight 4,2 kg
Net Measure 1100*350 mm
Pitch Length 350 mm
Standing Height Producible Till 8-9 Pitch (8*350)

Sheet Metal Features
It is coated with galvanized steel sheet galvanized, primer, polyester and electrostatic paint and consists of 8 layers.
It is resistant to all climatic conditions and has a life span of 100 years under suitable conditions.

Scope of Application
It can be used safely in villas, apartments, factories, social facilities, all buildings and curtains where aesthetics and durability are at the forefront.
It provides aesthetic integrity in buildings with its color options.
It is fully resistant to all climatic conditions and can be safely applied to low-slope roofs and high-slope roofs.

Colour Options
Green, Tile, Red and Gray
Dimensions and colors are standard and can be produced in desired sizes and colors on special orders.