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Panel Production Technology

Neopan Technology
Neopan panel technology
Neopan panels, where they are based on the sandwich panel principle as its construction and where it is constructed by filling solid and insulating foam between two skin. Other composite materials can also be used as the core material. Neopan sandwich panels are manufactured by forming two sheet metals, which enter the panel line in roll form, in the required shape as the first stage and by placing EPS or rock wool between these two shaped sheets at the later stage in fully automatic lines. The neopan composite panels, which can have alternative material on one of its face as cemented board or as coated chip board and which can also be used as wall, can be used as an alternative wall material with the aesthetics that it provides for the interior locations, these can also provide at the same time both the benefit of insulation and wide area of use, which is exclusive for the prefabricated buildings, with its ease of assembly. The rock wool insulated exterior face panels provide alternatives for the project work, where it provides benefits in terms of technique and aesthetics.

Ease of pre-production and assembly
Neopan panels are manufactured on full automatic continuous production lines and cut at required lengths automatically and packaged and made ready for delivery and use. Since the panels are light, this provides great benefits during transport and assembly. In this way, the panels can be located on the requested form in quick, easy and secure way. It is possible to erect whole of the wall in very short times. The openings for the windows are cut away prior and the required formations for the electrical installation is prepared during the production. These preliminary works and the ease of assembly provide savings of time and labor during the construction and hence lowers the cost of the building.

Strong insulation and minimum of scrap
Neopan panels lower seriously the required energy amount to heat and to cool down the buildings that they are used thanks to their strong insulation properties. Since they have been designed and have been made ready to use at the required sizes previously in the plant, they have lower scrap rate. This privilege is provided by producing the neopan composite panels, where one face is cemented chip board and produced in sizes of 1250 x 2500 mm, 1250 x 1280 mm, 1250 x 3000 mm, or in double combinations of these sizes for the prefabricated building sector.