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Metal Tile Technology

Neopan Technology
Metal Tile Technology
Galvanized sheet is covered with paint between 0.15-0.25 microns and shaped in Roll Formic machines. Then, pitches are formed by pressing in the pitch press and metal tile sheet is formed with the sheet cut to the desired length in the length cutting shears.

Likewise, ridges are formed in Roll Form machines, cut in desired sizes and made ready for assembly.

Valley ridges, droppers and special closures on valley roofs can be produced upon request.

In this way, it provides project planning possibilities.

It creates a wide range of choices as it has the advantage of production in different colors.

Ease of Assembly
Metal tiles are produced fully automatically on the uninterrupted production line, automatically cut to desired sizes and packaged, made ready for shipment and use.

The light weight of the metal tile provides great convenience during transportation and installation. In this way, metal tiles can be placed in the desired location easily and safely.

It is possible to complete an entire roof in a very short time, so the labor takes less time.

Strong Insulation and Minimum Waste
Due to its indented and protruding structure, it prevents water leakage and acts as a protective in thermal insulation.

The fact that the machine is suitable for production in various sizes provides convenience in projecting and minimizes the waste rate.

Transport, Packaging and Storage
Transport: It must be unloaded with cranes on the construction sites, but in single-storey buildings, assembly can be made without the requirement of a crane. It should be done with a crane in 2-storey and 3-storey buildings. Steel or chain ropes should not be used during transportation, cloth ropes should be used or a material to be kept next to the product should be placed.

Storage: In order to reduce material damage in packaging, wooden wedges are required under them. Too much weight and materials that will scratch the product should not be placed on it.