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Neopan Technology
Perfect by nature
Neopan, which has its activities under Vefa Group that is the leading establishment of the prefabrication and light steel construction, produces steel panels, which are used as cover for exterior walls/ roofs and walls in the buildings, by using the latest technology in the world. Neopan panels, which are produced in rapid and economical way, are modern, lighter building materials that benefit from the best features of the materials constitute the panel and which is more resistant due to the form that is applied on them. Neopan can also provide for the protection of the buildings it is used from external elements for many years due to the heat, noise and water insulation features that is included within.

Neopan Sandwich Panels
Rockwool or EPS is used as the insulating material for the neopan sandwich panels between two sheet metals, which have been formed in the required shape. The panels, where rock wool is used, are especially preferred for buildings that require high degree of fire safety due to its high resistance against fire. Therefore, it provides large benefits for the noise and heat insulation due to its insulating layer that has class A fire resistance. The resistance of the panel against pressure is increased by slicing the rock wool automatically and by turning the fibers in vertical way to the surface of the panel. Additionally, each of the rock wool sheets, which has been sliced and turned, are placed in lapped form in order to avoid breakages.

The economical EPS insulation material, which does not contain harmful substances in its structure, is one of the best selections for heat and noise insulation and has class B1 features, where it does not have fire continuity and it is difficult to ignite.

Neopan Composite Panels
Neopan composite panels provide aesthetics and functionality features for the interior locations with their cemented chip board and coated chip board lamination and high heat resistance with rock wool and EPS. The maximum amount of economically beneficial widths (1250 mm) are obtained with the use of the sheet metal without any scrap, as well as with the use of the rock wool and the EPS. In this way it becomes possible to produce the unit area with more suitable costs. The exterior surface of the panel is provided as the painted sheet metal and cemented chip board or coated chip board is preferred for the interior surface, which is more convenient for interior uses. Therefore, while the sheet metal is preferred for the exterior surface, a warm material is available for the interior locations. Easy, practical and fast assembly possibilities are provided with H-section connection systems.

Neopan Panels of Used;
Neopan panels have rather wide ranging fields of use:
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Industrial constructions
  • Logistics warehouses
  • Power plants and their buildings
  • Chemical production plants
  • Industrial constructions with high degree of risk
  • LPG filling installations
  • Salt processing plants
  • Oil, chemical powder and paint producing plants
  • Glass and ceramic based product producing plants
  • Leather and leather products processing plants
  • Textile raw material producing plants
  • Constructions that have acoustic characteristics (concert halls, social facilities, etc)
  • Airports (aircraft hangars, etc, military installations)
  • Welding workshops and shipbuilding yard. ( dockyard, port, etc)
  • Industrial installations, where thermal effects (temperature) are high
  • Cereal product processors and their warehouses