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Our Values

Quality Policy
The aim of Vefa Group is to manufacture the product requested by its customers as convenient to the aims and expectations of the customers and deliver these products in time. Founded in 1990, Vefa Group undertakes to turn its organizations and activities into an active structure which can meet the needs of its customers and, in this context;

  • To review its policies regularly in contemplation of a constant growth,
  • To specify new objectives, make plans for these objectives and realize these plans by allocating necessary resources,
  • To develop new function; mission and products required by the era by considering the demands of the customers,
  • To provide its customers with the improving technology and their continuity by taking into account the developments in technology.

In sum;
Vefa Group, will be LOYAL to its customers in the future as heretofore.

Vefa Group which aims to manufacture modern offices and all kinds of living spaces by using the latest technology in the world, has provided the products convenient to the customers’ purpose of use, cultural demands and the conditions of land and nature in the construction site.