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Vefa Group, has now started to produce the walls in full automated way more economically and rapidly with its Neopan line that has started with its production.

The Neopan composite panel line, which has been designed by Vefa in order to cater for its production needs in more efficient way, has started with the production, following the tests that have been carried out.

Vefa, which has been continuing with the R&D activities since 2006 in order to actualize the panel production in an suitable form for the prefabrication and containers, has finalized its activities by commissioning its new composite panel. Vefa, which has designed a panel line, which also provides for the composite panel form and expansions by departing from the systems that produce sandwich panels for industrial buildings, has contacted an producer company, which is the leader in its field, in order to implement its aim in rapid and in smooth way. Assembly phase has started following the manufacturing phase, which has lasted for 7 months, for the system that contains forms and expansions that are requested additionally on top of the features of the standard sandwich panel lines. The time for assembly and commissioning of the panel line has taken 100 days. The process, which has started with the planning and preparation activities and which has continued with the assembly of the line on the production plant, has been completed with the cost of 5 million Euro approximately.

Rockwool as the insulating material
Vefa Group Investments Manager, Metin Celebi, has underlined that the panel line with its 100 length is the first and the only line in Turkey with regards to the features that it has and stated that they are now able to do away with the limits on the production capacities of the site buildings with this way. Celebi, who has stated also that they have gained cost benefits due to the fact that they have reached to the result they have targeted with success, has told the differences of the new full automatic wall line from the similar ones as: “The standard panel lines in Turkey use polyurethane core materials as the insulating material since they materialize productions for industrial construction only. This material, which does not provide non flammability, could be acceptable for classical industrial buildings. But, it is not a suitable material according to the requested standards for site buildings, which are used in many places around the world and especially in BDT countries. We can use rock wool, which provides non flammability as the insulating material, thanks to our new panel line.

1,25 m width panels, whose one face is concrete panel
Metin Celebi, who has stated that, the panel line is different from others with its feature, where panels that contain EPS as the insulating material for situations, when the non flammability feature is not required and when more economical solutions are preferred, has explained the most attracting points as: “one face of panel, which is produced by the panel line, can be sheet metal and the other face can be concrete panel or it can be produced with sheet metal on both faces. In addition to all of these, panels with 1,25 m width can be produced on the line.”

Manager for Investments, Metin Celebi, who has underlined that all of these features are addition to the features of the standard panel lines, has stated that all of the products that emerge from panel lines producing in Turkey can be produced on the new line of Vefa.

While Vefa has started to use its wall panels that emerge from its new panel line on its prefabricated site buildings that it produces, it had materialized the first export of its products that have been produced on the new line.